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Sardina Systems 

Sardina Systems provides smart, efficient, super-scalable cloud automation technology, enabling organizations to rapidly experience the value of OpenStack cloud and maximize the utility of their resources. We help you to manage OpenStack environments easily, flexibly and efficiently, halving your carbon footprint along the way.

We know OpenStack, and we know how to operate massive facilities. Members of our technical team have in-depth experience with OpenStack, having worked with it since when OpenStack was less than a year old.

Sardina Systems’ founding team members have been working in the large-scale data center space for a long time, individually packing 10+ to 30+ years’ experience developing high performance software for large-scale facilities in industries including finance, energy, defense, meteorology and automotive.

In 2015, our brainchild, FishOS was awarded the IDC HPC Innovation Award.

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